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City of Bodø (Municipality)

The city of Bodø is the administration centre in the County of Nordland and is the largest city in the county with 50 000 citizens. Bodø is experiencing a rapid growth in the population and is now transforming into a larger modern Norwegian city. In 2014, the city council adopted the overall strategic plan –Bodø 2030.

The vision for Bodø 2030 is an attractive capital in the North. This strategy contains six different focus areas where one focus area is sustainable city development. The municipality of Bodø has approximately 5300 employees and is responsible for several areas.  For example planning and building issues, health and environmental protection, street cleaning, waste management, water and sewage, emergency services, public order and safety and schools. 

Within in the focus area sustainable city development, the city of Bodø has stated their climatic goal: Bodø is an innovative low emission city, where the citizens feel safe for nature related dangers. With this statement, Bodø will play an active role in both reduction of climate gas emission and in adaption to a future climate. Both innovation and development of new technology will be at central element in this work. 

The city of Bodø is developing an own smart city project called Smart Bodø. This project is looking at the whole society perspective in city development. By this, we want to connect public health, education, welfare, environment, culture, governance, business development and technology development together. 

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