Bjarne Lindeløv

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+47 75411828

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Nordland Research Institute Nordland Research Institute, founded in 1979, is part-owned by Nord University and employs about 40 researchers and administrative staff. We conduct research on topics which are  related to  innovation in private and public sector, planning and regional development and energy and environment.

Our thematic scope is extensive and cross-sectional, and we also participate in research and development projects in close co-operation with public andprivate clients. Nordland Research Institute participates in procurement and dissemination of knowledge and science.

Our research is being funded by regional, national and international clients, and the results are being disseminated in reports, articles and presentations through learning and participation methods.

The E-lighthouse-project will take advantage of our experience and studies within public administration and planning; local society and business reorganization processes, societal and organizational adaptation processes towards energy and environmental challenges.

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