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The City of Oulu is the capital of northern Finland. The Oulu Region has about 250,000 inhabitants and it is the fastest growing region in Finland. The City of Oulu itself has about 200,000 inhabitants. There are good opportunities for studying, working and research and development, especially in the hi-tech sector. The Oulu Region also has a lively cultural climate. Building Supervision provides building guidance, permits, supervision and coercive measures. Building Supervision also provides proactive guidance for builders and renovators to improve the quality of construction and buildings.

The Department of Urban and Environmental Services is responsible for strategic land use planning and services related to urban planning (general planning). Services include city planning and technical services (e.g. street lighting). Environment Office of the Oulu Region coordinates environmental and energy efficiency agreements, goals and monitoring. Main task is to provide regional environmental services (Oulu Regional Environmental Office). Facilities Management Centre is responsible for managing the facilities used by the city of Oulu including repairs, construction and energy issues. Oulu Waste Management organizes municipal waste management as stipulated by law. 

Activities, Goals and Objectives Energy Savings Municipal Buildings 

  • Procedures and operating models to implement energy efficiency actions 
  • Monitoring procedures to track the effectiveness of actions 
  • Energy Savings for Domestic Retrofit and New Buildings 
  • Procedures for increasing energy efficiency in construction of new buildings and retrofitting of the old ones. 
  • Developing and disseminating a model for proactive quality guidance of new construction and retrofit 
  • Energy Efficiency Advise Waste Management 
  • Improve waste utilization 
  • Improve material efficiency, use of waste for energy and reuse

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